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Gain clarity on your big ideas and direction for your next steps.

Make decisions that align with your vision and stay focused.

Invest in your business confidently with your goals in mind.

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Our experience

We were strategists first.

Our in-house strategists have been working with, for or as business owners for nearly fifteen years. Their experiences range from working in marketing, distribution, sales, both in the public and private sectors. They've worked with independent business owners and teams. Now, they're ready to work with you.

Karine Parthenais, Founder & Creative Director at Mellow Brew Marketing, standing headshot.

Educated with real life experience.

Their focus is always to help you make the biggest impact with the resources, budget, and team you have because they've been there too. Trust that their experiences come with a wealth of knowledge that can help you get to where you're going.


1.5 Hours

Take Action

This short session is done virtually. It's perfect for picking our brain on ideas you've had percolating and easy to digest so you can immediately take action. A One-Page Recap is delivered within 48 business hours to have a reference point for everything discussed. Feel free to rebook this session as often as needed to stay on track.

3 Hours

Make A Move

This session is for you if you've been brewing something big but need help mapping out your plan. We'll ask the hard questions to keep you honest and fuel you to make your move. Your strategic Action Plan will be delivered within 10 business days, and we'll support you for 30 days after to be sure you're staying true to your vision.

6 Hours

Pick Your Lane

Focus on your direction confidently after a full day of strategic planning. This session will help you build a clear path aligned with your goals and help you clear the mental clutter that's holding you back. A Comprehensive Action Plan is delivered within 14 business days, and you get 30 days of email and text support to best support your efforts. Lunch is included in this in-person session for up to two people.


Team Sessions

Get a completely customized experience for your small team or corporate organization. We'll gather our strategists for a fully engaged session that will help you gain clarity on your big ideas and put an action plan together to help your team take action, hold each other accountable for the deliverables, and work towards a collective goal with ease. These sessions are completely custom. Chatting with our strategists is the best way to make a plan to get started.

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our process

Here's how we get started:


We get to know each other.

To begin, we'll hop on a quick 15-minute call so we can understand what you're looking for and see if we're a good fit for your goals. This is a significant investment for you; it's important you're sure we're a good fit too.


We get down to business.

You'll be invited to book a session with us online or in person based on your selection. We'll dive deep into your business and work through any roadblocks or sticking points that are holding you back from success. It's like a therapy session, but for your business.


You get a push in the right direction.

You'll walk away from our session feeling clear and focused — like a huge weight has been lifted from your shoulders and years' worth of clutter has been cleaned out of your mind. You'll also feel more equipped and motivated to turn your best ideas into action with the plan we'll build just for you!


Then we execute the plan.

Perhaps the most important piece of the process! You can decide to take action in two ways. On your own by following the strategic plan we've built together or by working with the Mellow Brew team.

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"I am much better at my job and deliver a far better service since working with Karine. I walked out of our session and immediately sold a package worth more than the cost of working with her."

Katie McCann • Haven, New York

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