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September 27, 2022

The Co. Lab is now Mellow Brew Marketing

The Co. Lab is now Mellow Brew Marketing

It’s official. The Co. Lab is now Mellow Brew Marketing!

Nearly a year ago, I started thinking about what it would look like if we changed our agency name and look.

Of course, the team had reservations about the shift. For four years, our community and clients have known us as the folks at the lab. How would this change affect our business?

We went back and forth for months. And while we didn’t take action, all of our discussions pointed in the same direction. We needed a change.

How did we decide on Mellow Brew Marketing?

It became clear that our team no longer felt connected to The Co. Lab when we started to lose content motivation and struggled to show up confidently online.

On a hot summer day, I turned to our PM, Kaity, as she walked out of a client call and said, “Mellow Brew. That’s our new agency name.” She paused, and I couldn’t tell what she was about to say by the look on her face, but to my surprise, she said, “I love it!” That’s when I knew all the brainstorming and late-night notebook scribbles weren’t a complete waste of time.

Our agency wouldn’t be here without the incredible people who make all our clients' projects happen. Having the buy-in from Kaity was important to me, and winning Katie’s vote, our Director in Kingston, was equally important. And when I presented the idea to her over slack, her response was quick. “I trust you, and I’m all in.”

Boom. We had an official direction.

So, after a hectic summer between client launches, we managed to squeeze in some time to lean into this shift. Mellow Brew Marketing was happening, but now what?

Mellow Brew Marketing | Your brand with a kick.

What does this change mean for clients?

Our clients can expect the same great experience they’ve known working with the lab, but now, it will be backed by a brand identity that’s true to our team.

Working with our crew is truly a mellow experience. We’ve matured quite a bit over years of acquired knowledge– exposing our clients to a calm and confident workflow. No anxious emails minutes before launching or late-night calls with forgotten tasks. We’re organized and task-oriented, which is a winning combination for the people who trust us with their marketing investments.

And while the digital world has put immense pressure on hurrying and getting it done, we prefer to be methodical and strategic. Improving our process after every launch while always reaching our goals and deadlines.

How can you help?

Now that we’re making it official– changing social icons, launching our website, sharing our new direction, you can help us by spreading the word.

Telling your colleagues about our shift, sharing this blog article, and engaging with our content can be truly helpful in the process of changing our footprint.

We wouldn’t have made it this far without all of you, and we’ll certainly depend on your support for this transition.

On a personal note– I am incredibly grateful to be heading into our fourth year of business with all of you cheering us on. You’re the reason I love my work, and it’s a privilege to help your business grow.

If you have any questions about our rebrand, please feel free to contact me: I’d love to hear from you. Maybe we can even chat over a warm cup.


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