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September 6, 2022

Most Common Questions About Rebranding

Most Common Questions About Rebranding

Okay, so you’re thinking of rebranding, but you have questions. We recently worked through this big change, so I’m answering the big questions we had with logical answers you need to hear if you’re thinking of making a change.

Let’s dive in!

How do you know it’s time for a rebrand?

When you feel that your look is outdated and you’re struggling to feel connected to your brand, it may be time to think of a change.

Over the years, this is probably the most common reason clients have started discussions of updating with our team.

Maybe your services have evolved, or your team dynamics are different. Perhaps you’re struggling to find your ideal client and not confident to propose your rates.

There are many reasons one might feel disconnected from their brand, and all of them are good enough to consider rebranding.

What are the challenges of rebranding?

The biggest challenge of rebranding is probably the work involved in the process. The endless list of things to update and energy spent carefully crafting new assets takes a lot of time. Time many entrepreneurs don’t always have. The good news is you don’t need to do it alone. Leaning on folks (like our team) to help you make a smooth transition will certainly lift the burden. The important thing to remember is that all of your hard work will be worth it in the end.

Here’s a reference list (in no particular order) of things you may need to take care of when rebranding:

  • Changing your brand assets
  • Updating your website
  • New photos
  • Updated copy
  • Refined services
  • Recent testimonials
  • Building a new social strategy
  • Changing your signage
  • Updating your tools
  • Getting new swag
  • Listing your new values
  • Trademarking your new assets
  • Getting your new URL

Of course, rebranding can run deep, but from experience, we know these items are most common for our clients.

Mellow Brew Marketing Team

Can a rebrand hurt my business?

If well executed, rebranding shouldn’t hurt your business. In fact, most of our clients have reported an influx of clients and revenue after a rebrand. You will, however, need to make a conscious effort to communicate with your clients and community about the change.

We’re not just talking about one social post.

  • Make sure to mention your rebrand in multiple emails to your list.
  • Connect with clients in person or online about your new direction.
  • Send cards or new swag to peers and colleagues who are often referral sources.
  • Add a note to your email signature.

There are plenty of ways to keep the conversation going– you just need to listen to your audience and keep them informed as long as it takes for them to remember you under your new identity.

How can I rebrand on a budget?

It should be no surprise that rebranding comes with a cost. Business owners with physical locations see the biggest need for investment because of signage, uniforms for staff, and maybe even a full-on renovation. But a small business can successfully rebrand by taking things one step at a time.

We tend to encourage our clients to begin with the basics:

  • Brand assets and digital presence for a cohesive online look.
  • Main signage to be found at your physical location.
  • Business cards to share with new connections and existing clientele.

Anything beyond the basic items you need for day-to-day business is likely unnecessary until you feel comfortable making the further investment. With that said, our expertise tells us that following through on all aspects of your rebrand will yield better results and make for an easier period of transition.

Rebranding isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s a grind to pull it all together, and it’s the most labour intensive the bigger your business. So, while it seems like a big project to take on, it may be the perfect time to rebrand if you’re still in the developing stages of your enterprise. 

Chat with an expert to see how far you need to go to make an impact and how we might be able to help you.


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